Patient Testimonials

"I have been a patient of Dr. Barmby for well over ten years. During that time, his dental care has been nothing short of outstanding. Dr. Barmby and his team are proactive, suggest and thoughtfully explain alternatives, and are extremely well-versed in the most current techniques and procedures. I would recommend Dr. Barmby for all dental needs–from the routine to the most challenging."
- Tony

"Dr. Barmby provides 5 star dental services at a 5 star dental office. Good dentistry is more than excellent clinical skills and state-of-the-art equipment. Establishing a lasting relationship with his patients based upon mutual trust, respect and open communication are important factors in Dr. Barmby's practice. I highly recommend Dr. Barmby."
- William

"I want to express to you how much I appreciated all your dedicated and intensive attention you provided for me with my crown work. Your office atmosphere is very professional and yet light-hearted. Your assistant has a genuine upbeat personality which promotes the ability for the patient to be comfortable and relaxed. I feel very grateful to be a patient of a doctor who has so much focus and passion for perfection in his practice."
- Kim

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the kindness everyone has shown me. The words 'thank you' can't express our debt of gratitude to you. Your professionalism, moral values and generosity overwhelms us. I am so pleased that you and Dr. Stevenson met. I'm recovering nicely, taking Advil when necessary. I appreciate the 'going slow' approach by everyone, as my journey has at times seemed long and arduous. However, thanks to you and your staff, I'm smiling constantly!! Looking forward to my next appointment."
- Ann

"I saw Jim today for his orthodontic treatment. In the fifteen years I have been straightening teeth and working with dentists, I have not seen finer restorative work than the work you did today. Thank you."
- Bridget M. Powers, DDS, MS

"Another year and another opportunity to express my appreciation to 'you all' for your considerate and gentle care. The health of my mouth and its components is due to the attention of you fine folks–and I know it."
- Rudy